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Stoked in the woods🌲👌 Welcome back & thank you for supporting our protocols, you guys are the best!
Powder King welomes you back and we are reminding guests that they must follow the protocols set out at the hill as they reflect the mandatory Provincial Health Order requirements. In order to continue safe operations, we must all do our part to ensure that face coverings (mouth and nose covered) are worn at all times – this means from when you leave the vehicle to when you depart from the resort with the exception of being seated while dining. As well, maintain social distancing (6 feet) and ensure that you are interacting only with your core bubble (your immediate household members) as defined in the Provincial Health Order which is linked on our webpage. Ensure that you are in compliance with the BC Provincial Health Order details including ensuring that you self-assess prior to coming to the resort.
Thank you so much for this opening week-end. You rocked it! We can’t wait for Thursday to welcome you again😁❣️ Note: please check the COVID-19 procedures on the website before coming up to the hill and fill in the contact tracing form. We don’t have a PK bus running at this time🙃