Powder King Mountain Resort Ltd. - "Whisper of the North"

  24 Hour 48 Hour Base
Lodge 4cm 7cm 120cm
Top Chair 13cm 16cm 229cm
Top T-Bar 13cm 16cm 284cm

Lodge: 1°C Top Chair: -1°C Top T-Bar: -2°C

Last updated Tuesday @ 5:48am
Lifts Re-Open Thursday 9am. Lifts Spin 9am - 3pm Thurs. & Fri. 9am - 3:30pm Sat. & Sun. Awesome Wed. Night Specials.
38/38 Runs Open

24 hour


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PK Real Estate

1 bedroom condos starting at $189,500

2 bedroom condos starting at $359,500 

Townhouses from $459,500


Open House

1:00pm - 1:45pm Azouzetta Lake

Meeting Location: Powder King lodge 
View our beautiful lake facilities and ice fishing/camping destination with owner Jim Salisbury.


2:30pm - 4:30PM Whispering Village Powder King Townhouse

Meeting location: Powder King Whispering Village, Town House.

Reservation not necessary, everyone is invited!

More info:

Call: 1-866-pow-king  or 

Email: powderhound@powderking.com


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We really like you! So why don’t you come and spend some more time with us! We have accommodation options for every need and every budget. 


Upcoming PK Events

Mar, 2017

Mar, 29: 1/2 Off Accommodations Wednesdays

Apr, 2017

Apr, 01: Coffee House
Apr, 05: 1/2 Off Accommodations Wednesdays
Apr, 12: 1/2 Off Accommodations Wednesdays
Apr, 15: Dummy Race, Park Comp
Apr, 17: Open - Easter Monday

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Welcome to
Powder King Mountain Resort

The Powder King Team welcomes all to Powder King Mountain Resort where we get 41 Feet of amazing Powder per Year that's a whopping 1250 centimeters!

Nestled in the pristine wilderness of the Canadian Rockies, Powder King offers the best of the great outdoors. This hidden gem boasts an amazing annual snowfall of 41 feet and terrain that ranges from breath taking drops for the adventurous skier, to the gentle groomed slopes of beginner runs. A million miles from stress, but only 500 yards from the highway, Powder King is located in the center of the Pine Pass in Northern British Columbia. Those who have visited would say that it's the best riding they've experienced and they don't plan on telling anyone about it -- it's the whisper of the north.


Lifts Spin 9am - 3pm Thursday & Friday.  Lifts Spin 9am - 3:30pm Saturday & Sunday. 

Taco Wednesdays & 1/2 price accommodations Wednesdays  Click Here


Prince George Bus - will run  Thurs Feb 23, Fri Feb 24, Sat Feb 25, Sun Feb 26

The Mackenzie Bus will run Sat Feb 25 & Sun Feb 26

Grande Prairie Bus will run  Sat. Feb 25

The Grande Prairie Bus will no longer be running on Sundays

Call 1-866-769-5464 to make your reservation now


PK Express Bus

Trouble getting here? Not anymore! Our PK Express Bus runs everyday the hill is open from Prince George and Mackenzie. It also runs every Saturday & Sunday from Grand Prairie.

Prices from Prince George start at $22 each if you bring a friend.

Learn more or book online.

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Early Saturday morning!! Staff getting ready!! Let it snow!! It will be a great weekend!! Come and shred some snow at Powder King!! Call 1.866.769.5464 for reservations!! #PKallday